Jan 312011

If CSU has school tomorrow, Tony Frank will have earned “Chuck Norris” status.

To the guy walking to class in only shorts and a tee shirt: You’re either an idiot or one tough son of a bi***.
So, a 30 percent hike for tuition. Does that mean Lil Wayne is coming next year?

You know it’s going to be a bad day when the front wheel of your car falls off automatically.

And now for a tribute to the text alert Monday …
Thanks for the most ambiguous text message warning ever, CSU. I wouldn’t know whether to look for a giant gorilla or a guy with a bazooka.

I’m so glad I receive a text every time someone at CSUPD has a thought.
Dear CSU, I can always count on you when there is an “unspecified” threat to my well being. I got three text messages telling me that you are not telling me anything.

To the person making threats to CSU: You aren’t the only person who hates Mondays.

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