Jan 312011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

With the “unsubstantiated,” “non-imminent” “threat” to campus yesterday, whoseriously considered not making the walk, drive, bike or bus ride to campus?

The emergency text messages and e-mails warning of the potential threat left the campus feeling eerie and paranoid, looking over its shoulder and scared of its shadow, yet ready to be vigilant.

Though the Collegian Editorial Board agrees the safety alert process works, we feel the verbiage in Monday’s warnings could have been more informative.

The word “unsubstantiated” left us believing there was no threat at all; yet the words “general threat” forced us to use our imaginations. Students were unaware if they were looking for a gunman, a bear, balloon boy, rabid geese or even Bigfoot, for all we knew.

The Clery Law, by which CSU abides, stipulates the university must inform students and community members of a potential threat –– a mandate with which we agree.
Our concern, however, is the conflicting messages of an unsubstantiated threat with which the FBI is involved and reports of military style helicopters flying above campus can lead to rumors, paranoia and ultimately an unproductive campus.

Moving forward, CSU students would like to know of potential threats, not improbable ones. We would like to know what to look for, in order to increase our ability to be vigilant.

We understand that there is an on-going investigation, but the best way to maintain safety is not to leave us guessing but to leave us informed.

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