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Authors: Chadwick Bowman

Catacorner to our beautiful campus is the just-as beautiful Old Town. My travels have made me a believer that this is my favorite place in the world.
Reason being, it is never lacking in excitement. And a growing import/export/passion is our music, for which we are becoming known.  

Visitors and locals roll through Old Town to spend time at our brewpubs, taverns, coffee houses and bookstores. But the long-thriving entertainment scene has become the best in Colorado, as noticed last week by the Denver Post.

The Post’s Jan. 21 article, “Fort Collins steps out as Colorado college town with the most vital music scene,” had me inspired, and developed a new realization of how much I like living here. The article claimed Fort Collins has moved past Boulder as the most active music scene in the state.

The Denver Post feature dissected the music that comes out of Fort Collins. The ultimate goal for Fort Collins artists is of course to play large venues in Denver and beyond, but the people and culture locally makes it easy for them to spread their sounds.

Just walk past the Aggie Theatre and through Old Town Square late at night and you’ll always see a crowd and lines gathered to hear what’s new.
But the notoriety all begins with the Blasting Room.

The Blasting Room is arguably the best recording studio in Colorado. It’s a punk-rock nerve center that has inscribed the likes of Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, MxPx, NoFX, Less Than Jake and the Fort Collins natives, Tickle Me Pink.

However, it isn’t just the heavy hitting bands recording here that draws all the musical attention.

DJ and producer of Pretty Lights, Derek Vincent Smith, has taken his electronic show on the road, selling out clubs and venues across the country. Pretty Lights headlined a show at Red Rocks, performing in front of a sold-out crowd — and oh yeah, he’s from the Fort.

Smith told the Denver Post he loves being from Fort Collins because nobody expects it.

But along with the other talented folk, solo and jam musicians –– Candy Claws, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Danielle Ate The Sandwich –– it is the people here that allow for the abundant, prosperous music scene. As avid listeners, we follow our local bands and seek out the new ones. We drop into the variety of venues to see what’s bumping.

Hodi’s, Avo’s, the Aggie Theatre and even the CSU campus and student organizations do a great job of bringing new music as well as established musicians to our city. The coffee house Everyday Joe’s is also a hot spot for students and community members, and a favorite for locals to show off.

Art Lab Fort Collins creates a unique opportunity for performers and opens up vacant store fronts and turns them into venues for artists and musicians.
The largest of musical festivities in Fort Collins comes by way of NewWestFest and Bohemian Nights. At the end of summers, the festival provides huge acts and a grand gathering for the entire community.

A wide array of genres appears at the festival, which funnels in about 70 bands, local and non-local.

The key to the success is simple. People love music. Fort Collins loves music.

Hunter S. Thompson once said, “Good people drink good beer.” We have surpassed that standard in Fort Collins.

I say we add, “Good people drink good beer and listen to good music,” i.e. Old Town. The good music grown here and brought into Old Town and Fort Collins is good for culture and for business.

 In a interview in August, Sean Kennedy — lead singer of Tickle Me Pink — told me that though their fan base has sprawled out of Fort Collins, the release of their recent EP was geared toward their Colorado supporters, and when they get back into the studio, they would love to work with the folks at the Blasting Room again.

Tickle Me Pink still calls Fort Collins home. They understand their music will most likely take them to new places, but they are well aware of where they got their start, and who gave them a platform for success.

Continue to support our music and most importantly, enjoy it.

Editorials Editor Chadwick Bowman is a senior sociology and journalism major. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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