Letter to the Editor

Jan 262011
Authors: Margaret Smith, Fort Collins resident

Thank you to the Collegian for printing the article “Professor looks at post 9/11 discrimination,” on Jan. 24.  

Fatma Abdelrahman’s comment seems right to me: “Studies like these are important because people need to know that not all Muslims are terrorists.” Thanks and congratulations to Lori Peek for doing this study and making it available as a book. I agree with her comment too, “Muslims were subject to discrimination that wasn’t acceptable when directed toward any other group.” I believe that was true before 9/11––remember reactions to the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995? But discrimination increased after 9/11.

Another book that readers of this article might appreciate was published in 2010 by Palgrave-Macmillan. It’s called, “Arab Voices:  What They Are Saying To Us, And Why It Matters” by James Zogby, president of the Wahington, D.C.-based Arab American Institute. It’s on a different topic but somewhat related, in a broad sense.

Zogby did polls and interviews among Arabs in the Arab world, obviously not the same as Muslim Americans, but the studies may lead to similar conclusions. Just as Peek’s book shows that Muslims are not all terrorists, Zogby’s book shows that not all Arabs are terrorists.  The more understanding Americans can gain about Muslims and Arabs (and anybody else, for that matter!) the more likely we are to find peace in our time.

Margaret S. Smith
Fort Collins resident

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