Jan 252011
Authors: James Bell

If Chadwick Bowman is really the Editorial Editor of your school newspaper and a senior Sociology and Journalism major, I have serious concerns for the quality and depth of the educational product your school is offering. The fact that someone in an American institute of higher learning could so easily and arrogantly say “the smartest, most intuitive citizens need to force legislation upon the people, even when it is not the popular choice.” Does he not understand what the United States Constitution is? Does he not understand that it was written and adopted to prevent the very kind of governing he seems to think is best for everyone?

That wasn’t enough for young Bowman, though. He had to top it off with a grand insult to every person in the country who doesn’t share his vision. He says turning the country over to the intellectual elite would “make for a safer country, even when many citizens do not have the intellectual abilities to understand that it is the safest choice for them.”

Yes, Bowman is young and still in the throes of what I call “Young College Intellectual Syndrome,” but he’s still living proof that everything conservatives believe about liberalism and many colleges and universities is true. Even more dismaying is knowing that someone like him could reach the level of senior at an American university. You should be ashamed.

James Bell is a resident of Lufkin, Texas.

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