Jan 242011
Authors: Anna Baldwin and Eugene Daniels

By Anna Baldwin

I recently rewatched a “Friends” episode where Monica and Chandler decide to move in together after arriving back in New York after a weekend in Vegas.

It seemed like such a no-brainer for the couple. The two had been together for a long time, they were a healthy, happy couple, and Chandler pretty much lived in Monica’s apartment anyway. Especially since the two apartments were across the hall from each other.

Chandler, being who he is, tried to be clever about how he went about asking Monica by suggesting that he unpack at her apartment instead of at his, but she didn’t understand what he was saying at first.

Once she did finally understand, there was great celebration, and everyone was happy.

The point of this story is that moving in with the boyfriend should be a no-brainer decision. If you are questioning the option at all, then it’s probably not a good idea.

At the present time, at least. If you have to, continue to date normally for a while and then re-evaluate.

This being said­ –– it’s certainly not a bad idea for some couples, although a lot of thought should be put into it. And know that moving in with your boyfriend pretty much means that you’re going to marry him. Scary?

So, is it time to cohabitate? House-share? Shack up?

Don’t tell your grandparents if the answer is yes. They might be old-fashioned, harboring the belief that the wedding night should be the first night you spend the night with your boyfriend.

But this is the modern world, and sometimes it’s just the financially responsible thing to do. Or if you think about, it’s the environmentally friendly thing to do, as well.

Have you ever wondered how much your car is affecting the atmosphere every time you drive to his/her house? It’s even worse if he/she lives in a different city.

You will know it’s right when it really is. So, go with your gut, and know that compromising, less personal space and always having your best friend at home when you get there at the end of the day is all part of it.

By Eugene Daniels
Love is a wonderful thing. And most of the time, real love makes us do irrational things. A woman may cut all of her hair off or tan so much she looks like she belongs in Wonkaland. Or a guy may stop going to school or paying rent so he can take his girlfriend on a date. Or you may move in with your significant other.

Yeah I said it! It’s a dumbass idea! So if you were thinking about doing it –– don’t! The only time you should move in with someone is if the two of you are engaged or married!

For those that already did, I’m sorry we didn’t write this column sooner, but for the others, I’m going to try and save you from making a huge mistake.

First of all, you’re not ready. I don’t care if you have been dating since freshman year of high school until senior year of college; it is rare that a relationship can survive that. You know why? Because you have to see that person every damn day. You wake up, they’re there; you go to sleep, they’re there; you use the bathroom, they are probably going to be somewhere in the vicinity. (Hopefully not too close.)

The great thing about having a home away from the person you are dating is if you have an argument, you can leave. But when you live together, the person you’re mad at is going to be right there, just staring at you. Like a vulture, just staring waiting for you to slip up so they can start yelling again. Or throwing shoes (don’t pretend it hasn’t happened to you)! Relationships are in danger when you see this person every day!
Living away from the person you love/like/lust after is the best because you get to do your single person behavior. You know exactly what I am talking about. It’s the stuff you do that you don’t want you’re girl/boyfriend to see because it is probably embarrassing (and no I’m not talking about that, gross). Certain things you just can’t do with your girlfriend sitting there, staring… just staring.

To stay sane and to keep your relationship intact, stay your ass at your own apartment or house or car. Whatever, just don’t move in with her or you’ll regret it. Trust me.

Anna Baldwin is a senior journalism major, and Eugene Daniels is a junior journalism major. Mars vs. Venus appears Tuesdays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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