Jan 202011
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Hide your kids, hide your wife … and grab your NRA-approved bazooka-gun –– the Robotocalypse is coming!

As part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s program Mind’s Eye, CSU is working to bring artificial intelligence to unmanned ground vehicles. The program aims to get human scouts out of harm’s way.

By creating camera software programs that give vehicles visual intelligence, the Department of Defense hopes the vehicles themselves, not human analysts, will be able to view and analyze movement and speech on the battlefield and then report back to their human “masters.”

That’s right: We’re teaching them to think. And if they can think, they can kill.

As harmless as this scouting research may seem, it’s just one more step on the road to robo revolt and total, complete, absolute annihilation.

The mechanized marauding started back in 1979 when a robotic arm struck Robert Williams at a casting plant in Michigan, killing him. Two years later, another robot pushed Japanese factory worker Kenji Urada into a grinding machine.

But it only gets worse. In 2007, in what can only be described as a fit of vicious, emotional rage, a robot grabbed a Swedish industrial worker by the head, causing him serious injuries.

Thinking machines and feeling machines –– the next step can only be mass-slaughtering machines. And if the DoD has its way, robots will soon be scouting battlefields, acting as weapons and who knows what else.

Throw your toasters, cell phones and computers out the window, and kill your 3D TV, man! The end is nigh!

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