Jan 202011
Authors: Anna Baldwin

A 19th century portrait of a young English boy, painted by French artist Charles Albert Waltner, is University Art Museum Director Linny Frickman’s favorite piece from the new exhibit.

The portrait is of the artist’s friends’ adolescent son, and it is the first time the museum has shown this type of material since its grand opening in April 2009.

As just one of the 54 drawings featured in the exhibition, “Sure of Hand: Drawings from the Renaissance to the 19th Century,” opening today at the museum, it illustrates the extraordinary detail seen in many of the other pieces.

“The exhibition covers drawings from the Renaissance in the 16th century, through the Baroque period and into the 19th century,” Frickman said. “What is exciting is that visitors can see both stylistic and content changes that occur over these centuries.”

The drawings are primarily works by English, Flemish, French, German and Italian artists and feature works by Sir Anthony Van Dyck, Agostino Carracci, Benjamin West, Arthur Rackham and Giacomo Guardi, among others.

The entire exhibition comes from a private collection that was selected by the collectors in conjunction with the museum staff.
The exhibit features drawings in a wide variety of media, including chalk, charcoal and ink wash images, and illustrates artistic genres ranging from historical, mythological and biblical subject matter, to portraits, landscapes and genre scenes of daily life.

Many of the pieces are not complete works but instead, initial sketches the artists used as a base. Visitors can use these as tools to see how a piece began or the process as an artist honed his or her trade.

“We have examples of sketches that lead to architectural paintings, for example,” Frickman said. “There are other drawings where you see the artists drawing directly from the work of other artists and from ancient Greek and Roman sculpture. Artists were typically trained in art academies during this period and drawing was stressed as an academic discipline.”

“I do think that this exhibition should appeal to visitors because of the extraordinary skill that these artists clearly exhibit in their work and because of the range of very approachable themes,” Frickman said.

The exhibition will be open until June 12.

This exhibition is sponsored, in part, by the FUNd Endowment at Colorado State, the City of Fort Collins Fort Fund and the Colorado Creative Industries.

UCA Beat Reporter Anna Baldwin can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

Check Out the Exhibit

What: “Sure of Hands: Drawings from the Renaissance to the 19th Century” opening
Where: University Art Museum at the University Center for the Arts
When: Jan. 21-June 11
General museum hours are: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and admission is free.

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