ASCSU to hit ground running

Jan 192011
Authors: Andrew Carrera

This article reported that Mohamed Jefri was identified as a senator for Intra-University when he serves the College of Business. The Collegian regrets its error.

The Associated Students of CSU Senate voted unanimously Wednesday night to move $30,000 of available ASCSU funds into the Student Funding Board, which gives money to campus organizations needing financing for their events.

“There has been an increase in the demands for funds from SFB,” said Jordan Von Bokern, ASCSU director of Finances and SFB chair.

During the fall semester, the Senate voted to move $20,000 of funds to SFB, bringing the total amount of student fees transferred to the organization up to $50,000.

Without the additional funds, Von Bokern said, student organizations could not apply for SFB funding and would have to cancel traditionally-held events.

The Senate also elected Associate Sen. Luke Haase from the College of Liberal Arts to become the body’s parliamentarian, charging him with interpreting the body’s procedural rules when they require clarification.

The position opened up when Mary Peterson stepped down as speaker pro tempore –– a move she made to “study for the LSATs this spring,” she said.

“You need to devote a lot of time to ASCSU if you’re speaker pro tempore,” Peterson said. “I just didn’t have time for both, unfortunately.”

The new speaker pro tempore is Andy Shank, who was previously parliamentarian. The speaker pro tempore steps in when the ASCSU vice president is unable to chair Senate.

“I can’t think of anyone better for the job,” Peterson said. “I think he’ll make a great speaker pro tempore.”

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