Hypocrisy strikes yet again

Jan 182011

In addition to spending too much time in the tanning bed, House Speaker John Boehner has been spending too much time in the shade of the hypocrite tree.

Bad metaphorical imagery aside, Boehner and his House Republicans’ new attempt to repeal Obama’s sweeping healthcare reform law smacks of nothing but duplicity.

Having won sweeping victories in House races across the country during last year’s midterm, the Republican -controlled House now has enough votes to feasibly push through a repeal of “Obamacare.”

Called “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act” –– no joke, that’s its name –– Republican leaders are making the strange and whimsical case that the newly enacted healthcare law kills jobs and wastes money.

Strange, then, that the Congressional Budget Office released a report last week saying that repealing the healthcare law would add more than $230 billion to the national deficit by 2021, not to mention a host of independent budget experts who say that there’s no conclusive evidence, if there’s any evidence at all, that the healthcare law would kill jobs.

Boehner dismissed the CBO’s budget projections as “their opinion.”

Republicans strut around Washington under the guise of “deficit hawks,” devoted to strengthening the economy and reducing the deficit. But when evidence and facts stack up against them, they throw their deepest principles out the window without a second thought.

Once again Boehner and his party are proving that truth, logic and principles are too often no match for politics, lies and hypocrisy.

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