Jan 172011
Authors: Kelly Carnal, President of the CSU College Republicans

Following the tragic shooting in Tucson, Ariz., every American was left to try and wrap their head around why and how a human being could commit such a hateful crime and rob six innocent people of their lives, including a 9-year-old girl. Although we will never have a clear understanding of the alleged gunman’s motive, it is clear that this man is a sick and deranged human being, and this was purely an act of insanity.

However, political commentators and the media have come up with many explanations for why Jared Loughner committed such a senseless crime.

Many have argued that the political climate in our country contributed to this man’s anger. Others blame Sarah Palin for placing cross hairs over Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s district during the 2010 mid-term elections. Then we have people turning to gun laws and blaming conservatives who support the Second Amendment. After tragedies like this occur it is so easy to lay blame on people, but we all need to stop and think about the consequences of doing so.

Loughner wasn’t a Tea Party follower, he wasn’t a Republican or a Democrat, and I am willing to bet that he had never taken the time to get on Sarah Palin’s website and research. This man is a sick, deranged human being who had targeted Gifford years ago.

He is an anti-government extremist who recorded disturbing videos on YouTube. He was not worshiping any political party, instead ranting about “conscience dreaming” and recorded a video of him burning the American flag. There is no evidence that has surfaced that Loughner was anything more than a sick individual, and the only person we should place blame on is him.

I think people have forgotten that in America we have the right and privilege to have an open dialogue with our elected officials, and we have a say in what happens in our country. This man jeopardized that by bringing violence into the great political process that we have in America. I am angry with him, and every other American should be as well. If we don’t hold Jared Loughner responsible for his actions then he wins.

In the wake of tragedies like this shooting, Americans are supposed to pull together, not distance ourselves even more through political debate. At the end of the day this isn’t about politics, it isn’t about Republicans or Democrats; it is about remembering those that lost their lives on that sad January day.

Kelly Carnal is the President of the CSU College Republicans.

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