Dec 172010
Authors: Jordyn Dahl

The Mishawaka Amphitheatre was sold Wednesday to Dani Grant, the owner of Chipper’s
Lanes. The amount the venue sold for has not been disclosed.

Mishawaka, commonly called “The Mish,” was previously owned by Robin Jones before the
venue was caught cultivating and selling 280 pounds of marijuana.

The Mish is best known for its stage that sits on the edge of the Poudre River. Artists ranging
from Brandi Carlile to Head for the Hills, a local band started by CSU alumni, have played at the

Jones owned the venue for almost 20 years after buying it back in 1991. He had been the
manager for six years and bought the establishment to keep it from being torn down and turned
into a parking lot.

It was his passion for music that kept the venue running, and he wanted to sell the Mish to
someone who would keep it a musical amphitheatre.

“Music is my life,” he said in a past interview with the Collegian.

Jones could not be reached for comment.

Grant started talking with Jones about potentially buying the Mish back in June. She said she has
a love for the local music scene and wants to start having local bands play at the venue and open
for headliners.

Grant is also the owner of Spokes BUZZ, a local non-profit organization that encourages
economic growth in Fort Collins by taking local bands across the country to open for headliners
to generate an interest in the city.

She hopes to help other non-profit organizations raise money by hosting events at Mishawaka
along with the concerts it is known for.

“I love the city of Fort Collins and I think that Mishawaka can be the star on the Northern
Colorado map,” Grant said.

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