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Authors: Logan Triesch, College Avenue

Having trouble writing the right resume for you? You’re not alone.

Resume writing can always be difficult to start off with, but with the right mind set and initiative, any student or graduate has the opportunity to obtain the career he or she may be looking into.

The Career Center has specific resume writing tips specific to each college, but here are some tips to start you off.

Cover letter tips and tricks

The cover letter is the heart of the application. Having a strong, specific cover letter written for each job you’re applying for is vital. Showing a company true interest means writing specifics about why you are interested in their company.

According to the Career Center, the key information to write about in a cover letter is the position you are applying for. Using a referral name in this step is great.

A helpful hint the Career Center offers is that it’s important to remember the employer may flip to the resume before reading the cover letter when looking for candidates, so be sure to include how past experiences are related to the position being applied for.

The cover letter stands in for you when you’re not present, so writing a personal, interesting and qualifying cover letter shows the employer that you have initiative.

Resume looks and hooks

A great looking resume can be lacking if the information on it does not suit what an employer is looking for. Therefore, having a nice, clean-cut resume that hooks the employer with skills, experience and education will not only get them to read your cover letter, but the possibility for a callback is much greater.

According to the Career Center’s Summit Guide, you should market your skills differently for every job opportunity because every job description is different. By reviewing these descriptions you can also review the language that is used and be able to further shape your resume with the company in mind.

When writing about your skills in a resume, the Career Center mentioned that you should offer how you acquired those skills.

The Career Center also offers key phrases or words that can help a student in writing a resume. These key words are words that an employer might be looking for on a resume, thus putting the candidate higher on their list.

Applying for a job can be nerve racking, but once you are giving your resume out to several potential employers, the nerves wear off and you become more confident in your presentation and abilities.

Remember to drop by and pick up a resume writing tips pamphlet from the Career Center when starting your next resume. You never know how much just a few simple phrases can make a difference in getting hired.

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