From puppies to parades

Dec 102010
Authors: Laura Esposito, College Avenue

There were two things that a young Anna Rogers knew she was going to do when she was all grown up: take a horse into outer space and spin giant lollipops.

Rogers, a senior in wildlife biology and former captain of the marching band’s visual ensemble, can say she achieved both of those particular goals, just in a different form.

“When my mom was in high school and college she did marching band, so when I was a little kid we always went to the Parade of Lights (in Denver),” Rogers said. “Every year my mom would say, ‘So when you’re in marching band what are you going to play?’ It was never a matter of if I was going to join the band. It was just the natural progression that I would be in band, of course.”

After seeing a color guard perform at the Parade of Lights in Denver with giant lollipops as props, Rogers decided that is how she would participate in marching band.

“I really love the performance,” Rogers said. “I love the preparation; I love getting into uniform on game day, doing my hair and makeup, getting on the field and that moment before you start the performance where you take a deep breath and then you just go for it.”

When Rogers first arrived at CSU, she said the band helped her transition into the college environment. Now, Rogers loves the marching band for a much greater reason.

“I feel like I have become a more well-rounded person. I go into something and I’m like, ‘Oh, I can do that!’ I don’t know if I actually can, but I have a lot more confidence and I’ve really grown as a person because of band,” Rogers said.

Sierra Davis, one of CSU’s visual ensemble coaches, said that Rogers has truly shined as one of the best students she has ever had the pleasure to work with.

“I’m sad to see her go but I’m happy and excited for her to start her career and do great things with it,” Davis said. “Anna has been the biggest joy for us, and I can’t say enough good things about her. If I had a child, I would want her to grow up just like Anna.”

With interests that spread over working for a wildlife sanctuary or rehabilitation center, music and sports, Rogers knows she will have to give up the marching band lifestyle, but she has plans of keeping music a part of her life.

“I’m going to keep coming back to football games, mostly to see the half-time shows,” Rogers said. “I’m hoping to find some people to do a woodwind quartet just because I haven’t been able to play my oboe recently. I don’t care if we don’t perform. It’s just so much more fun than playing on your own.”

Davis said that she is excited for Rogers to start her career because she has seen how hard she works in color guard that she can only imagine how hard she will work at her job.

“When my sister and I were new to the school, instead of going straight to her break, Anna showed us around. That’s just who she is,” Davis said. “She will always smile for you. Even if it’s a small smile, she will give you 150 percent.”

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