Dec 102010
Authors: Lara Kadillak, Collegian Advertising

Everyone always told me, cherish the moments before you graduate because they go by too quickly. Whenever I heard this, I just nodded and agreed, never knowing the actual truth to the statement. But let me tell you this: although it might seem like every agonizing paper, test and group assignment goes by painfully slow and the weeks crawl by at a snail’s pace, it truly does go by too quickly.

Here I am about to graduate and I can hardly remember my first day of classes yet alone where four years have gone. It all seems like a blur.

It’s as if it was just yesterday I stepped on the campus trying to take in every building, sight and scene along with getting acclimated to the craziness of college. Yet here I am four years and 120 credits later almost ready to walk across the stage to get what I have been working toward all along.

But along the way I neglected the fact that it wasn’t the diploma I was working toward. It was the opportunity to learn a new skill, to meet extraordinary people, to challenge myself and learn that I can overcome anything.

Indeed there were many challenges along the way: deciding to change my major, getting along with roommates, rigorous classes and starting a new job. But through it all, like my mother always managed to remind me, “Breakdowns always lead to breakthroughs.” And although I laugh at her constant positivity, it has been my secret mantra to survival.

But, I couldn’t have gotten through all of these challenges without my friends, co-workers, mentors and teachers. They have shown me what is possible, listened to me, kept me laughing and believed in me. To these people, I want to thank you for your constant support and advice; without you none of my success would have been possible.

So through every moment and challenge I have come out as a more mature, resilient, confident woman ready to try to take on the world; and that is what I plan to do as I embark on my new life in San Francisco.

So to graduates this semester and in the future, I will agree with everyone who probably tells you the same thing, but cherish the moments, the people and every experience. It will go by too quickly and soon we all will face the reality of taxes, bills and adulthood. But we will remember the moments that have gotten us this far and smile because it was all worth it.

Lara Kadillak is a senior graduating with a major in business administration. She worked as a senior advertising representative in the Collegian Advertising Department for more than a year.

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