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Authors: Joel Hafnor

In Lawrence, Kan., Jayhawk basketball is bigger than life.

Nobody knows this better than CSU’s sophomore guard Dorian Green, who was born and raised in the city.

Son of a former Jayhawks football player, Dorian grew up as part of the KU program.

“Lawrence kind of revolves around KU,” Green said. “Especially athletics and basketball. It‘s a big part of growing up, everybody is a fan, everybody watches it.”

During his time at Lawrence High School, Green quickly asserted himself as the best player in the city.

During his senior season, Green averaged 22.6 points per game, was a 6A first team All-Kansas selection, was named the Lawrence area player of the year, and exploded for 37 points in a game, all while leading his Lions to the state championship game.

When asked about his high school career, the ever-modest Green made no mention of his remarkable statistics or awards.

“I played pretty good in high school,” Green said. “My teammates and I grew up playing together all along. That‘s pretty much it.”

Green committed to Colorado State in the spring of 2009, choosing the Rams over competing schools Creighton, Western Kentucky, UMKC and Wagner College.

It didn’ t take long for the 6-foot-2 guard to make an impact in Fort Collins. As a freshman, Green led the Rams with 11.8 points per game, knocking in 59 three-pointers while shooting 83 percent from the free throw line.

Green’s numbers have regressed a bit in his sophomore season, likely as a result of the Rams improving depth at guard, according to head coach Tim Miles.

“Dorian usually scores with the ball in his hand. When he‘s attacking and he gets screen, or a half-step advantage or whatever it might be,” Miles said. “With Jesse back, he’s not been able to handle the ball as much as he used to so that’s why his production is down. We gotta get (Green) playing better without the ball.”

Green is aware of his changing role in the offense but thinks a change in mindset could help him return to his freshman year productivity.

Green said that with the team’s depth, roles have changed, and people are still adjusting.

“I think my main focus is to be more aggressive. It doesn‘t really matter who is scoring points. We are going to be fine offensively,” Green said.

On Saturday, the Rams will play just 30 miles from Green‘s home town, against the team he grew up idolizing.

Still, Green is not intimidated by the prospect of playing against his childhood team.

“It‘s going to be a little different. It‘s going to be exciting,” Green said. “It’s a great challenge for us. We talk about trying to put Colorado State on the map, to go and beat KU is a great way to do it. We‘ve got to be aggressive and go right at them.”

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