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Authors: Ryan Gibbons and Glen Pfeiffer

Back in the day, we used to have a “mobile app of the week” featured in our videos that we did alongside this column. We haven’t touched on any apps at all for some time, but there are many new must-have apps out there. Hop on your phone and get to downloading.

Air video

Ever been stuck choosing whether to put an episode of “Hannah Montana” or “Gossip Girl” on your mobile device due to lack of space? The correct choice is “Gossip Girl,” but the point is that we are headed into 2011 and we shouldn’t have to worry about storage space anymore.

Thanks to Air Video, we’re at least one step closer to infinite space.

This handy app partners with a program you install on your computer that allows you to set folders to be shared with your iOS devices over the Internet, Wi-Fi or 3G. It can also convert the videos, which means if iTunes doesn’t recognize the file format, it can still be played.

Thanks to this app, we now have access to our 900 digital movies anywhere we have 3G! iOS only $2.99.


This app allows you to save web pages to your device for offline viewing. This is great for anyone with a Wi-Fi-only device or if you visit a particular site frequently. If you’re like us, you often find an article on your phone but don’t have time to read it, and using this app makes it easy to navigate back to.

The setup takes a minute or two and you do have to get an account. That having been said, it integrates right into Safari and works seamlessly after everything is installed.

iOS (free) and Android (InstaFetch).

Dragon Dictation

Our sage and Master Jedi, David Pogue (tech columnist for the New York Times), has been a longtime fan of dictation software. While we feel awesome by co-writing in real time with Google docs, he doesn’t write his columns … he talks them. The company that makes the dictation software he uses recently came out with a sweet mobile app called Dragon Dictation.

We often feel weird talking at computers, but there is one situation I can think of where talking beats typing on the cell phone, and that’s in the drivers seat.

You can speak what you want to say at the phone, and with one click the transcription can be sent into your messaging or email app. Voila! (Always voice text responsibly).

iOS (free) and Android (ShoutOUT, free).


Ever since we got GPS-equipped phones, we thought it would be nifty to easily find our amigo’s current locations using said phone. This app isn’t a stalker’s dream come true, allowing anyone to see your location willy-nilly –– you have all the control. The app sends a text to whomever you want that has a link in it, which shows your location. No more giving directions in the way of “Go left, and then go slightly left around the big curve, but not the small curve. If you pass the llama farm, you’ve gone too far.”

The app even allows you to set the link to expire anywhere from five minutes to four hours after using it, depending on how long you’ll be wherever you are.

iOS and Android, Free

Oh, how we would love to go into some other awesome apps. Alas, our word count is getting high (too many inches of parchment, if we were at Hogwarts), which means it’s time to put a cork in it.

Columnists Ryan Gibbons and Glen Pfeiffer would like to wish you a merry Chriskwanzaakkahdan! Send feedback on all columns of this lovely semester to

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