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Authors: Nic Turiciano

Michael Sakas and I wouldn’t be pretentious unless we made a “Best Of” list. I would like to claim that my half of the list reflects the best music to come out in 2010, but it doesn’t. It takes more than one person to quantify that, and I am but a lone man with a sometimes-limited ear.

Instead of writing about what was best, I decided to write about what I listened to the most.

My Top 5 list of epically self-indulgent proportions includes …

1. Avi Buffalo, self-titled

Its debut album is a clinic in northwest-sounding indie rock. It’s a cross between Built to Spill’s face-melting nature and The Shins’ high pitch, hook-heavy melodies. “Remember Last Time” has my vote for best song of the year.

2. Archie Bronson Outfit, “Coconut”

It’s noisy, poppy, ugly and unfamiliar in familiar ways. I’ve listened to this album more than any other this year, and every time I do I find something new.

3. Future Islands, “In Evening Air”

They’re labeled as “Post Wave.” I don’t know what that is. They sound like the happiest moments in life. Or maybe post-life. Presently, though, Sam Herring’s vocals make the band. I’d take his word over Walter Cronkite’s any day.

4. Women, “Public Strain”

Women is a band that changed the way I think about music. It was recently reported that they broke up, which would be a true shame. I want to remember seeing them play their brand of garage rock just once in my life.

5. Salem, “King Night”

They are an easy band to hate on: a few Europeans playing a style of music labeled “Witch House.” It’s electronic music with bottom heavy synth lines, distorted and sometimes chopped vocals and an overall gothic feel. I love it.

You can look to KCSU for a more well rounded list. They’ve compiled a top 30 that should be out soon. My ego is far from it, so it’s probably pretty sound.
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