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Authors: Jessica Gibbs

By Jessica Gibbs
The Rocky Mountain Collegian

The year 2010 may be remembered for many things, like another year with a poor economy or the year of the iPad, but it’s always more fun to look back at the style of each year and reflect on how crazy some fashion choices were.

To start, let’s look at Her Majesty of pop music: Lady Gaga.

This woman has redefined style over and over again, never missing a beat and setting the standard for many in the music and fashion industry. For God’s sake, she showed up in a meat dress at the MTV Music Video Awards, not only making a statement politically but fashion-wise as well. That takes some serious thinking and guts –– no pun intended.

There are more chic choices she has made –– lest we forget the beautiful Alexander McQueen gowns she wore after his passing away. Lady Gaga was a huge fan of the designer and was given the privilege to wear his last collection. You may or may not like her music, but you have to give her credit for pushing the envelope in the fashion community.

Speaking of the late great Alexander McQueen, this beloved wild child of the fashion world unfortunately took his life this year right before London Fashion Week back in February.

McQueen was known for beautiful tailoring of women’s clothing and, of course, the tartan plaid that made him most famous. McQueen’s achievements include earning four British Designer of the Year awards and the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s International Designer of the Year award in 2003. He was a true artist and will truly be missed.

On a lighter note, New York Fashion Week moved its classic white tents from Bryant Park to the Lincoln Center. The move was due to space issues in the past years at Bryant Park.

The Lincoln Center provides more space and is also a hub for artists, so the venue seemed to be the perfect fit. The tents in the park will surely be missed, but the opportunity to shove more fashion into one place seems hard to pass up.

Finally, jeggings. One night skinny jeans and leggings decided to create a love child so the masses could enjoy the timelessness of jeans and the comfort of leggings.

The jegging may sound more ridiculous than it really is. If you can find a pair that don’t completely look like mom jeans and actually have pockets and what looks to be a zipper, you can fool pretty much anyone.

And don’t for one second think you can’t pull off the skinny jean or jegging for that matter, they give in places where you need it most and fit closely in the others, like around the calf and ankle.

Here’s to the jegging, making women comfortable in their jeans finally.

Fashion changes from season to season and is a true marker for cultural changes in our lives. Looking back at the years in our own style always brings back memories of our fashion faux pas or maybe the awesome night we had in one of our favorite outfits. Let fashion play a major part of your life because, looking back, it will always bring a smile or maybe an embarrassing laugh. Either way it’s all in good fun.

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