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Authors: Vashti Batjargal

What would you do if you were a businesswoman who was sent to Korea to conduct business, but the men wanted to work out the details on a golf course where women weren’t allowed?

This was a situation Sue Schell, a Colorado State University alumna and president/investment banker at Citadel Advisory Group, related to a crowd of nine students at the Lory Student Center on Thursday.

Sue Schell addressed how to handle this situation –– as well as many others –– as the first speaker for the new organization BizMiss.
According to their organization description, BizMiss plans to host group discussions, guest presentations and events with the goals of giving its members the opportunity to thrive personally and professionally.

“We eventually want to work with all aspects of women’s life, not just the business,” said Caitlin Rezac, a senior business marketing major.
Rezac and Madisen Thomas, a senior double major in business marketing and Spanish, are co-presidents of the organization who also own their own business through a health and beauty company called Arbonne.

“It’s recognizing that there are so many women now that are in business and there is no kind of support group. Why is there nothing on campus that is supporting women?” Rezac said.

BizMiss plans to meet three times a month and have one of those meeting host a speaker.

“It’s first hand knowledge from women in the industry. It’s not just how to create a balance sheet,” Thomas said.

Providing women with firsthand knowledge from a successful woman in the business field was the goal in bringing in Schell to speak.

“How many times in the classroom do you say ‘When am I going to use that?’ But when you hear Sue, I could use every piece of that,” Rezac said. “It’s a whole different kind of material.”

Schell shared experiences where she would have to do the work of a new position before earning the title, whereas a man would earn the title and then learn how to do the work.

“I can see how in certain situations [women] have to prove it. Whereas if it were a man they might have assumed that he would be capable or he would just get the title,” Rezac said. “We have to work.”

A brief portion of the presentation was devoted to the obstacles women face before Schell shifted the tone to doing what was necessary to get what one wants and the need for women to find a mentor in their field.

“Ask [a potential mentor] if they could share a specific piece of advice and don’t ask them for too much,” Schell said. “No one person can give you everything.”

At the end of the semester, BizMiss will support Crossroads Safehouse –– an organization that provides a safe environment for Colorado domestic abuse victims –– by collecting gifts for their Renew Hope for the Holidays event, where local women and children can pick out free gifts for each other.

BizMiss is organizing a holiday fair with local vendors at Everyday Joe’s Coffee House on Saturday.

Donations and gifts collected at the door to enter the event will support Crossroad’s Renew Hope for the Holidays.

The organization is also renting a spot at the Flea Market in the Lory Student Center to sell handmade bracelets. All proceeds go to Crossroads Safehouse.

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