Dec 072010
Authors: Ryan Gibbons and Glen Pfeiffer

Dun dun nanaaa –– it’s the annual Binary Boys tech gift guide! Read on for our suggestions on what to buy yourself this Christmas. None of these are toys you’ll want to waste on someone else!

$20 or less

Glen’s recommendation here comes in the form of something often overlooked in this column: sporting equipment. Geeks need exercise. has solutions for that. For only $12, you can own the one and only carabineer coffee mug! Use the carabiner to climb a mountain, and while you’re dangling up at the top, you can enjoy some coffee in the same manner 3OH!3 enjoyed their sushi in the Starstruck video.

Ryan’s going to do you one better and give you a gift for under 10 bucks. For $9.95 you can get the Movie Wedge –– think of it as a bean bag built just for your smart phone in order to hold it up as you watch episodes of Family Guy waiting outside of your 2 p.m. class. Anyone with a smart phone will tell you this is harder than it sounds –– your arm gets tired and the bottom of the phone just isn’t sticky enough.

$50 or less

Glen says –– let’s face it. If I had $50 I didn’t know what to do with, the chances of it being spent on a girlfriend are higher than the chances of it being spent on a gadget. Perhaps a bar tab. We won’t know until it happens. Until such time as we have a chance to spend it that way, $50 can buy you the world’s smallest MP3 player while on sale at The body of the Micro Sport MP3 player is the size of two sugar cubes and is attached to the left earbud. It can hold 4 GB of music –– which is a fair amount when you consider that you could spend several straight days at the gym listening to it without hearing a song twice.

Ryan: I’m pretty sure mini RC helicopters have made it into our gift guides in years past, but the fact is I love them, so once again: the Brando tiny USB rechargeable RC helicopter. For $40 you can plug this little guy into the computer of your choice and minutes later be flying it around your room. Does anyone else daydream about flying one of these around a lecture hall during class or is that just me?

$150 or less
Ryan: Fun fact for you, dear readers! Did you know that both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have a product lifespan of 10 years? That’s barring a red ring of death of course, but the good part is that you shouldn’t be expecting any new hardware for about five more years. So how do you spice up the monotonous relationship the share with your machine? There’s always counseling, but you could also look into Kinect for the 360 or Move for the PlayStation. Kinect is camera based and tracks your movements, literally putting you inside the game, while the Move technology is very Wii like.

Kinect –– $149 for all equipment and a starter game;
Move –– starts at $49 per controller

Glen: AppleTV. Now only $99. What can we say, we’re Apple freaks. We canceled our Comcast cable a couple months ago, so a nice little 4-inch by 4-inch box is a great solution for wirelessly streaming the 900 digital movie files on the computer upstairs downstairs to the big screen. You can also rent video off of iTunes and stream your Netflix account.

$500 or less

Glen is going to go ahead and jump ahead in the column here to beat Ryan to the punch –– if you’ve got yourself $500 between the couch cushions, get a tablet! The iPad is what’s on Glen’s Christmas list … it used to be on Ryan’s … until he got one early! If you do go with this option, be sure to take note that the 2nd generation iPad is expected to be announced in January, so be prepared to sell this one to finance an upgrade.

Not to be outdone by Glen’s earlier mention of sporting equipment, Ryan’s going to go ahead and mention the Recon-Zeal Transcend goggles. These bad boys bring a heads up display with GPS functionality right inside of your ski/boarding goggles so you can track things like speed, vertical distance and time as you thrash your way down the mountain. But tech on the slopes isn’t cheap: they start at $399.

If you’re Bill Gates

Try a $1.6 million luxury two-seat submarine. The Triton 1000, made by U.S. Submarine, will be the perfect solution for finally giving your significant other the underwater date they’ve always wanted. Just don’t expect to get lucky in there… there isn’t a ton of room. You’ll have to wait until you get back to your luxury yacht that this thing is designed to be launched from.

Columnists Ryan Gibbons and Glen Pfeiffer once hooked up in a luxury submarine. In their dreams. Comments and questions unfortunately can’t be faxed to the newsroom. Try instead.

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