Just try Assange

Dec 072010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Julian Assange, who was wanted by Interpol for alleged rapes in Sweden, remained in jail after surrendering to British authorities on Tuesday after being denied bail by a judge who deemed him a flight risk.

Assange sounds familiar, right? That’s because he is the mastermind behind WikiLeaks, the website responsible for leaking tons of sensitive, even classified, information. The latest release consisted of 250,000 documents from diplomatic cables, which government officials say could jeopardize national security and international relations.

Though the U.S. Attorney General is hard at work trying to make a political case against Assange, it should be seen to that he is tried for the Swedish rape allegations and either sentenced or sent on his way.

Let us be clear, he should not be held in Scotland Yard while the U.S. builds its case, whatever it may be. Keeping him jailed on charges of rape without giving him a fair and speedy trial would be against the ideology of the American legal system.

According to The New York Times, Assange is claiming that the rape allegations –– which he denies –– are just an attempt to destroy his reputation in retaliation for the recent information bomb he dropped on the international community.

That is for the courts to decide. But regardless, releasing classified information and the doings of diplomats and alleged rape are two totally different ballgames that should be played in different courtrooms.

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