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Dec 072010
Authors: Jessica Gibbs

It happens every year: the decision of what to get someone for the holidays. Sure, it’s easy to shop for yourself, but what about your friend with an eclectic taste or for someone who seems to have everything? This list will hopefully lend some light when things start to get overwhelming and you just want to give up and buy a gift card. Do not go down that road, it is dark and thoughtless, and your friend knows it. Instead, consider something fashionable and personal so you can look like the bestest friend ever.

This list is divided into gifts for him and her, so ladies first.

She’s considered cool and always knows what’s new and fashionable. This is a tricky recipient, but there are some cool accessories to consider. An infinity scarf is a new fashionable take on the regular scarf because it does not have an end, hence the name. Wrap it around your neck a couple times and, voila, instant coolness. These scarves come in a variety of styles; some are very long loops so you can wrap it many times or they can be wide, chunky styles, which make for a very warm accessory. If you’re still not sure how it works don’t worry, she will.

Prep is back, but it’s not as obnoxious as it used to be. Prep has gone back to its roots with clean lines and bold colors. If you can’t afford pearls or even the nice fake ones, then a nice sweater set is the way to go. The sweater set is basically the backbone to any prepster’s wardrobe. Find a cardigan in a pastel color and then find the matching under-shirt of the same color. Cashmere is always a nice gesture and ensures quality. This is also a super easy gift to find anywhere where you might see a good deal. Many stores still have Black Friday sales going on.

Last is your friend who has everything: she is always showing off some new accessory or new shoes. Well, there is something out there that is sure to surprise her. Louis Vuitton came out with a collection of travel guides for major cities around the world including New York, Paris and Tokyo. An added bonus is it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to purchase. These little travel guides are chic and full of interesting information about each city with places eat, museums to visit and of course great shopping.

Now we move on to the gentlemen, some of the hardest people to shop for, it seems. You want to find a great gift without spending too much. Usually tech toys are at the top of the list, but we’re not all made of money, and you can’t wear a Playstation 3.

He may not realize it, but a great pair of leather gloves is practical and stylish. Most leather gloves come at a reasonable price and his hands will thank you after scraping the ice off his car. Styles to avoid would be big bulky gloves –– they should fit tightly on the hand. Also the ones with the elastic around the wrist look really tacky, so stay away from those. After you’ve given something to keep his hands warm, why not a cool sweater to go with?

Cardigans are making a comeback in men’s fashion. They’re not lame or ugly and can easily be worn with a T-shirt and jeans. Sweaters are easy gifts, and you’ll know if he likes it because he’ll be wearing it the next day. Find a light, jersey knit cardigan in a neutral color so it can go with a lot of clothes in his wardrobe, then it’s easy to put together something in the morning.

‘Tis the season for giving, and it is important to make sure your gifts are fashionable and fun.

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