Yays & Nays

Dec 062010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to the firing of Broncos coach Josh McDaniels. A 3-9 record is enough to make anyone cry … and it did. But wipe those tears away, Pat Bowlen, as you prepare for McDaniels’ replacement.

Nay | to Dead Week. Every year we say this and will continue to do so: It’s dead week, professors, which means that we shouldn’t be staring down the barrel of this academic gun loaded with projects, presentations and papers.

Yay | to women’s volleyball, their Mountain West Conference championship win and their successful run in the NCAA tourney. We’re sorry you didn’t make it to the top but proud of your dutiful representation of what it means to be a winning Rams Athletics team.

Nay | to no Collegian “Yay and Nays” next week because the paper only publishes on Monday. And that’s right, we’re that vain.

Yay | to the upcoming winter break. Like bears, our minds will go into a warm, undisturbed hibernation until we must reform the mushed pool of intelligence come time for classes in mid-January.

Nay | to the graduates having to go out –– once again –– into a dreary job market. To that we must answer the imperative question: Is there anything lower on the food chain than Top Ramen?

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