Brave the snow

Dec 052010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Hello Rams, as you may have noticed, you go to school in one of the top biking cities in the U.S. and this town cares enough about you to publish a list of 10 tips to biking in the snow.

Even though it apparently doesn’t snow any more in Fort Collins, snow bike riding may come up some time in the future, and taking a peek at these tips may save you from the physical and mental pain that comes from being hit by a car in the Lory Student Center parking lot.

These tips, published by the good folks at the Fort Collins City Bike Commission, include what to wear, how to take turns and what tires to use.

Essentially, it’s exactly like driving a car in the snow, but you’re much, much colder.

For those of you who may be out-of-towners and have never driven anything in the snow, take a look at the list and maybe do a few practice laps near your home before you wipe out in the middle of Shields in front of oncoming traffic.

Biking is a great thing. It keeps you and the planet healthy. Just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean it’s time to put the bike in the garage and forget about it.

With a little care, a pinch of safety, a whole lot of love and dedication, you can keep on peddling through the toughest of winter storms. And thanks to this list you will know the best way to freeze your bum off while biking to class.

For all you longboarders, skateboards, rollerbladers etc., you’re out of luck. There is no glorious list of how to ride in the snow. But maybe it’s just not a good idea to do that anyways.

But always wear a helmet, use bike lights and watch out for cars –– they can and will hurt you and you will most likely do little to no damage to their car.

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