Dec 052010
Authors: Jason Berlinberg

A runaway train that is packed with toxic chemicals is headed straight for your town with virtually no way of stopping. It is almost certain to crash into a series of gas storage facilities and decimate the entire town.  

In this sort of dire situation, obviously the most intelligent course of action would be for the entire town to gather around the site of the potential disaster to make sure they end up unharmed, right?

This is the case in “Unstoppable,” a high-octane action film featuring Tony Scott’s traditional over-the-top flair and stylized visuals.   

The movie stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine as a long time train engineer and a rookie conductor, respectively. They are forced to work together, something neither is enthusiastic about.  

The pair happens to be on the same track as the runaway train, and they ultimately decide to try stopping it before its certain doom.

There are points in “Unstoppable” where the attempt at exposition just becomes laughable.  The runaway train, as well as nearly all of the destruction and death that it causes, just happens to be broadcasted live on the local news station, where the names of the victims are known and released right after an accident occurs.   

You would think that it was one of the most ridiculous stories that someone ever made up if it didn’t get the “based on real events” stamp at the opening of the movie.    

To be fair, Scott has never been known for directing films with riveting stories.  He is a bona fide action director who knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat.  Like his last film, the underrated remake “The Taking of Pelham 123,” Scott’s “Unstoppable” is a slick actioner that will keep you entertained.  

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