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Authors: Jordyn Dahl

In an e-mail sent out to campus Monday the Provost Office announced a new system that would drop students from classes if they didn’t pass the prerequisite they took the semester before.

The change was implemented to stop students who have failed a prerequisite from continuing on to the next level of courses. Until now, the system has allowed students to stay registered for a course –– even if they failed the prerequisite –– and will now drop the student at the end of the semester if they fail the prerequisite.

“It’s not allowing you to go on to a subsequent course if you weren’t able to pass the class that was a prerequisite,” said Paul Laybourn, the interim associate dean for the college of natural sciences. “A student would just be setting themselves up for failure.”

The changes will go into effect this December after grades come in from the fall semester. Students who are dropped from a class will be notified by the Registrar’s Office on Jan. 4 when they are dropped.

An e-mail will be sent out on Dec. 28 notifying students if they have failed a prerequisite. Students who are dropped can request an override back into the class, but it is up to the teacher’s discretion whether that override will be granted.

Students need to look at the prerequisites for their classes to determine what grade is required for the prerequisite. A “D” is considered a passing grade, but there are many classes that require a “C” or better to complete the prerequisite.

Students also need to be aware of what grades are required for graduation by their department. Many, such as the Department of Chemistry, require students to get a “C” or better in major classes, but not all prerequisites do. Students who get a “D” may be able to move on to the next level but not satisfy their major’s graduation requirements.

Alan Lamborn, vice provost for undergraduate affairs, said it is imperative that if students believe they may not pass a prerequisite for a course they are registered for, they need to meet with an adviser to come up with a plan-B should they fail.
Officials also say this is beneficial for students who have completed the prerequisite because it allows them a spot in the class that was previously filled by someone who had failed.

“Now that we have a functioning waiting list, it seems unfair to have somebody in a course without a prerequisite when another student couldn’t get in before who had the prerequisite,” Lamborn said.

This has been an issue for a while, but the system wasn’t set up to drop students from classes until this summer. The university decided to wait to implement it until the spring, though, to give students ample warning.

Student government was contacted by the university to give feedback and said this would be a great thing for the students.
“CSU is all about making people succeed, and this allows them to do that,” said Shadi Barzideh, the director of Academics for the Associated Students of CSU.

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Changed Registration

What: A new system that would drop students from moving on to the subsequent course if they failed its prerequisite.
When: Will be implemented next semester. Students who failed the prerequisite will be notified on Dec. 28 and dropped from the course Jan. 4.
Why now: The university completed the new system this summer but wanted to give students enough warning before implementing it.

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