Dec 022010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Students will see CSU’s registration system make a slim –– yet undoubtedly necessary –- change for the more efficient next semester.

According to a notice sent out to students on Monday, CSU faculty have finally fixed a system that previously allowed students to take classes regardless of whether or not they passed their prerequisite classes.

Under the former system in meant, in essence, that some students could take prerequisite classes and move forward in their majors without grasping a fundamental understanding of their courses. And let’s be honest; what’s the point of requiring students to take certain courses before others if they aren’t required to understand –– and subsequently apply –– what they learn in them?

For most CSU students, this change means an increased potential for smaller class sizes, where those who deserve spots in certain classes can receive them. Those on class waiting lists have less of a chance of being bumped by other students who have, mostly inadvertently, exploited a hole in the system.

Basically, the move promotes common sense.

However, we couldn’t help but feel a little unsettled by the fact that this error existed in the first place. Who knows how many students’ collegiate careers have been changed for the worse because of a registration system that couldn’t enforce something as simple as prerequisite requirements?

Regardless, we’re glad registration will be fixed in the spring, and we’re glad the CSU administration has been so vocal of its changes. And while we’re a little put off that CSU is celebrating a fix of what should have been a non-issue, we’re glad it can finally become one.

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