Dec 022010
Authors: Rachel Childs

CSU announced Thursday night that reporter and senior journalism major Laura Esposito will lead College Avenue magazine.

Esposito was chosen for her strong editorial background and fresh ideas for wider stories that include more of the Fort Collins community, according to
Jenny Fischer, Rocky Mountain Student Media’s creative services manager and one of the hiring committee members who voted on Esposito’s new position.

“What shined was her dedication to working with other media and her ideas for new content opportunities in the magazine,” Fischer said.

Esposito joined College Avenue this semester but has internship experience with AV Technical Magazine in Louisiana.

“I want to get people excited and push the boundaries of what kind of stories we can do,” Esposito said.

Esposito has an idea to publish a piece on the broad definition of family on campus and said she will strive to promote coverage of the greater Fort Collins community.

“She has enthusiasm and love for the magazine that makes me confident in her abilities to make the magazine something great,” said current Editor in Chief Kelly Bleck.

Esposito, as well as the other three future media heads of KCSU, CTV and the Collegian, are slated to start at the end of the spring semester.

The hiring decision for CTV station manager-elect will be announced today followed by a story in Monday’s Collegian.

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