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Correction: *This article originally reported that book buyback starts on Monday, Dec. 6 when it starts on Dec. 8. The Collegian regrets its error.

Renting may be the solution for students who find the buyback process to be a hassle.

The Colorado State University Bookstores allows students to rent textbooks in the store and online, which costs about 40 percent of the original cost of the book brand new.

Only four titles are available for rental in the bookstore this semester, but John Parry, director of the CSU Bookstore, said they expected to have between six and eight titles available next semester.

Renting a textbook limits the risk to students if the textbook is not bought back at the end of the semester, Parry said. When students rent a book, they don’t have to worry about it being bought back at the end of the semester.

Libby Brueske, a junior psychology major, said she didn’t even know renting textbooks was an option, but would consider it if it meant she wouldn’t have to worry come buyback time.

“If it was cheaper, I would definitely consider doing that,” Brueske said.

For in-store rentals, students sign an agreement stating that they will return the book. If they miss the return date, they are assessed a $25 late fee, and if the book is still not returned, the student will have to pay the full price of the book plus the late fee.

“Rentals don’t necessarily mean it’s going to cost less money,” Parry said.

For example, if students rent a book that cost $100 new for $40 and don’t return the book, the book will actually cost $125.

There are even more books available for rental online through the CSU Bookstore. Students can return the book to the bookstore or mail it back.

Automatic 15-day extensions are charged to the student if the book is not returned by the due date. The automatic extensions continue until the price of the textbook has been reached. Then the student has effectively bought the book for the full price.

At Big Dog Textbooks, students pay the full price of the book upfront. They can return the book at the end of the semester and receive a refund of half the book price.

The books are marked with a sticker if they are available for rental. Students receive a green slip they must bring with them when they want to return the book.

There is no penalty for not returning the book, but Big Dog is not obligated to refund the deposit if students return the book after the date on their green slip, said Jared Touchton, an assistant manager at Big Dog Textbooks.

Renting is not the best option for students who want to keep their textbook after the class is over, Parry said.

Another disadvantage of renting is that students will not get their deposit back if they damage the book in the course of the semester, Touchton said. Books that have excessive writing or damaged covers and pages may not be accepted.

Buying used books can save students more money than renting. That same $100 book could cost about $75 used. If a student buys the used book and then sells it back for $50, then the student actually only paid $25 for the book.

Buyback begins on *Dec. 8 and runs through the last day of finals. The buyback locations are outside the Clark Building, Moby Arena parking lot, CSU Bookstore and Academic Village Commons.

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