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Authors: Ian Hopkins

All three major game consoles, the Xbox, Wii and Playstation 3, have downloadable games. Unfortunately, most of the games suck and aren’t even worth the time it takes to download them. Lucky for you, I have two solid games that should be downloaded onto every person’s Xbox 360: “N ” and “Castle Crashers.”

Both of these games are gems that offer endless play time and enjoyment for $10 each and are easily better than half the games currently out. Plus, both games are four-player capable and are perfect to play with beers or whatever other video game treats you choose to consume.

“N ,” –– or “Ninjas,” as I like to call it –– is a simple game where the sole point is to guide your ninja to a door lock and then the door to finish the level. It sounds simple enough; however, missiles, lasers, falling and other obstacles threaten the life of your ninja.

Plus, the game gets even better when you play with a couple friends because it becomes a heated competition to see who can win the race to the door. There is nothing fancy about this game and that’s what makes it so much fun.

I’ve spent dozens of hours with friends playing levels over and over. Additionally, more level packs can be downloaded for what might be 99 cents –– Microsoft kindly converts money into Microsoft points, and one cent is not one point.

“Castle Crashers” is the other fantastic game that every Xbox 360 should have on it.

Remember the old days of side-scrolling beat-em-up games like “Ninja Turtles?” Well this is just like that with tiny cartoon knights.

The four knights travel across the kingdom rescuing princesses and battling ridiculous minions from tons of different worlds. Even though the game itself isn’t the longest in the world, it has several additional features to keep people playing time and time again. New characters can be unlocked after each play through and they all add a new layer to the game play.

The other features “Castle Crashers” has is leveling your character up and collecting various items. It creates customization between each character and drives people to play more to get more levels and weapons.

The incredible thing about both of these games is that they are cheap and easy for anyone to pick up and play. And hey, what college student doesn’t love endless hours of entertainment for the cost of a movie ticket?

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