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Authors: Jordyn Dahl

Students could see housing options dwindle in the coming years as enrollment numbers increase. However, student government hopes to see more housing opportunities for students to avoid this change.

The Associated Students of CSU’s Senate passed a resolution Wednesday that said it would support a plan for “housing that is affordable, quality and within close proximity to CSU.”

While the resolution only focuses on a broad sense of affordable housing rather than endorsing specific projects, student government officials said this gives them flexibility to work with the city.

A new development project –– The Grove ––, which would provide 224 dwelling units for students, was denied by the Planning and Zoning Board during a Nov. 18 meeting.

The resolution would allow Chase Eckerdt, the director of Community Affairs for ASCSU, to address this issue with city officials and provide other affordable housing options.

“This allows me to go in there and say we are really in the mood to see student housing,” Eckerdt said in his address to Senate.

The Senate said it will continue to follow The Grove’s progress and could pass a resolution supporting it in the future.

A bill allocating $20,000 to the Student Funding Board, a branch of ASCSU that gives money to student organizations to put on events on campus, was also passed Wednesday night.

The board is close to running out of money due to the number of organizations asking for funding.

There was originally $206,000 allocated to the SFB at the end of last year, but there is only $47,318.87 left in the account. Late last November there was roughly $84,000 left in the SFB account.

Director of Finance Jordan Von Bokern said this is due to the nation’s economic crisis. Companies and co-sponsors don’t have as much money as they did in past years to give to student organizations, so the organizations are asking for more funding from SFB to make up for depleted resources.

The bill was unanimously passed.

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