Yays and Nays

Nov 292010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to the almost-end of the semester. We must only suffer through three weeks of hell and soon be free. Hello, sweet, sweet sleep.

Nay | to TCU leaving the Mountain West Conference. Fine, go play with those East Coast boys … we won’t miss you a bit.

Yay | to Thanksgiving leftovers. There’s nothing better than making all sorts of crazy culinary creations. I call this one the cranberryturkeytaterroll-o-doom.

Nay | to this freaking frigid weather. You know it’s cold when the hairs within your nose freeze as you’re walking across campus.

Yay | to the CSU women’s volleyball team for rocking it in the Mountain West Conference this year and winning a bid to the NCAA tourney. You, ladies, dominate CSU’s D-I sports.

Nay | to North Korea. Stop picking on your southern counterpart. Are we going to have to lay down metaphorical tape to separate you two? Oh wait …

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