Nov 282010
Authors: Jason Berlinberg

The seventh and penultimate entry in the larger than life Harry Potter movie franchise has garnered a ton of hype and an equal amount of criticism for being split into two separate movies.

Maybe they are trying to squeeze every penny out of the franchise as they can, or maybe there was just too much story to put in just one movie (remember that the book is nearly 800 pages long). Who knows?

In this seventh installment, Harry, Ron and Hermione leave school to search for the Horcruxes that hide pieces of Voldemort’s soul.  They have to destroy all of You-Know-Who’s Horcruxes to be able to defeat him.  

This means that the trio is on the run for the entire film without the magical comforts of Hogwarts, giving the movie a darker and more real-world feel.

Given the nature of the story’s events, this film is heavily weighted on the performances of Harry, Ron and Hermione. This is mostly a good thing because it shows off how far Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson have come as actors since their “Sorcerer’s Stone” days, but it is also a shame to see so little of the rest of the brilliant Brits that comprise the Potter cast.  

Coming off the overall critical success of the sixth movie, “Deathly Hallows: Part 1” feels entirely different. Hogwarts’ absence is most notable, as it is a little disappointing not to see Harry and his friends go to classes or play quidditch. The seventh movie also lacks a lot of the lighthearted comedy that made the sixth film so enjoyable.     

Unfortunately, the cliffhanger ending leaves a lot to be answered in the bittersweet final movie that will come out next summer.  I don’t know about you, but until then I’m going to be anxiously awaiting my acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

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