What we’re thankful for

Nov 182010

Kirsten Silveira: I’m thankful for my adorable dog Jake, being from the beautiful Florida Keys, the ocean and my fabulous friends. Also for my mom, who always believes in me and supports me.

Jim Sojourner: I’m thankful I have slightly higher reasoning power than a shrew.

Ian Bezek: I’m thankful for my cats, my roommates and my family. And on a lighter note, thanks Ke$ha, for keeping pop music interesting.

Matt Stephens: I’m thankful for this dreadful football season almost being over. It’s all about a good team now, CSU men’s basketball.

Madeline Novey: I am thankful for my wonderful staff, made up of people who work incredibly hard to produce a paper every single day of the week.

Sam Noblett: I’m thankful for discovering a camera and the direction in life it has given me.

David Martinez: I’m thankful for the state I live in and the people I live with. I’m also thankful that salad I just ate was so filling.

Matt Miller: I am thankful for Planned Parenthood, without which, I would be up to my neck in child support.

Johnny Hart: I am thankful for green beer and the little marshmallows in Lucky Charms.

Alexandra Sieh: I’m thankful for the opportunity to tell the stories of others, giving voices that may not have been heard otherwise a chance to speak, and also for the wonderful people in my life who I love and rely on.

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