Nov 182010
Authors: Matt Miller

Last night on the floor of Moby Arena, where the green and gold of Rams volleyball and basketball can normally be seen was an undulating mass of bodies with a crown of arms in the air.

At 8 p.m. the lights dropped on a Moby that looked more like the Pepsi Center, and out on the stage walked Ludacris greeted by the screams of CSU, who filled all but a handful of seats in the arena.

To begin the show Ludacris challenged CSU to know any song he played. He followed by playing a series of random songs, and voices joined him, knowing each word.

His audience interaction continued throughout the show.

“Where are all my alcoholics here at CSU,” Ludacris asked the mob of bodies in front of him at one point.

Screams from the crowd responded.

“Someone told me you have the best weed in Colorado,” he said before he played “Bluberry Yum Yum.”

What followed was what may have been the biggest cheer to have ever come from Moby.

For the next hour and 15 minutes Ludacris flowed through his many hits as concertgoers danced under the occasional puffs of smoke floating up to the rafters.

“I’ve known how to sing ‘Money Maker’ since I was a freshman in high school,” said freshman psychology major Anne Mcbroom.

Most students in attendance were long-time fans of Ludacris, but even those who only knew a few songs were there to just have a good time.

“I’m a big Ludacris fan. He is the first rapper I was ever into,” said sophomore sociology major Cameron Cleaves. “I feel that there are a bunch of people at CSU who like him.”

Ludacris played through many fan favorites including: “Money Maker,” “Get Out The Way,” “Get Back” and played “Stand Up” after heckling a few concert goers who were sitting down.

The free show was sponsored by the Association for Student Activity Programming and the Air Force Reserve.

In five days all 7,600 of the available tickets ran out.

“The turnout was amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better show,” said ASAP Concert Coordinator Loren Martinez

Although the tickets were sold out there were a few empty seats and only half of the floor seating seemed to be full. Martinez said this was because people on the floor were pushed up so close to the stage.

Concert organizers said that since they were only ripping tickets it was impossible to get a count of audience attendance.

“It was significantly better than last year,” Martinez said. “The energy in the arena was electrifying.

“You could really smell that people were having fun,” he added.

Students agreed with the success of the show, although many were disappointed in its length.

“It was a little short but awesome,” said undeclared freshmen Colleen Flesch. “The DJ was awesome he was doing it with his hands and stuff.”

Ludacris was joined on stage by DJ Jay Cee, who played at Washington’s Bar and Grill following the show, and Lil Fate.

“I thought it was overall a great show,” said undeclared sophomore Henry Sundermann. “I was kind of disappointed in CSU not knowing the words to his songs though.”

As the final echo of the nausea-inducing subwoofer faded away and the lights went up, 7,600 Rams were still chanting, “Luda, Luda.”

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