Nov 172010
Authors: Jessica Gibbs

Remember when you were young and the night before the first day of school you laid out your outfit?

This was no ordinary outfit; this was the first-day-of-school outfit. The one that would set the pace for who you were and what you wore for the rest of the school year –– or at least that’s what you had in mind.

When we go to our closet each morning and decide what to wear for the day we’re all saying something whether we want to or not. The way we dress says much more than we realize, and it is usually the first thing a stranger looks at to size you up. Everyone dresses for a reason, even if it is as minute as something to throw on before you rush out of the house.

For example, if you’re the type of person who wants to say “I don’t care about how I look, I’m above that,” (and we all know someone like this), you might actually just be saying half of that statement: you don’t care.

If you don’t care, then why should the rest of us? We’re not interested. The extreme opposite is prone to this thinking as well. Those of you who try so hard to latch on to every trend and, perhaps, overdress, send the message you’re trying too hard. And again, we’re not interested.

Sometimes we dress to fit into a certain crowd of people we identify with. This usually is an effective approach. We buy the types of clothes this group wears and we soon adopt the same attitudes further pushing us into a particular social group. Be on guard for posers though. You can spot them a mile away. These people also tend to fall into the over-dresser category; again, they’re trying too hard.

The goal is to find something that makes you happy and feel confident when you wear it.

When you wear something you love it shows, and other people can see it. The point is not to be fashion forward every day; we all have our off days, but to put some effort and pride into your daily wardrobe.

It may not seem fair that what we have on the outside seems more important at first glance than what’s inside us, but it is human nature to do so. So lay out your outfit the night before and hopefully it says something along the lines: “I am confident, strong, and most importantly, awesome.”

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