Nov 172010
Authors: Madeline Novey

After almost three months of uncertainty, a review committee recommended Wednesday that CU-Boulder should discontinue its School of Journalism and Mass Communication in order to permit a “strategic realignment of degree programs, faculty and other resources.”

A committee that has researched whether to continue the school in its current form since August issued a report Wednesday afternoon that said SJMC “is too small to become a truly excellent unit and that resources are not available to support a significant increase in the size of the unit.” It was not because of budgetary concerns that the school was closed, the committee added.

The Program Discontinuance Committee, which is made up of 13 voting and non-voting faculty from across the university and produced the report, spent the past couple months talking with administrators, faculty and students to determine whether the school should continue in its current form.

It presented its findings to the journalism faculty at noon Wednesday before sharing its recommendations to the provost and the Exploratory Committee on Information, Communication and Technology at 1 p.m. during a public meeting.

SJMC, too, has operated with tension among its multiple missions, the committee said.

It is unable to fulfill the university’s goals as a Carnegie Foundation-designated Research University institution –– these focus on research and doctoral education –– and provide accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, the report said.

Under the move, SJMC’s current tenured and tenure-track faculty will be assigned to other tenure homes and that some or all of the programs offered through the school will be continued or offered in a “revised form” or within other departments on campus.

After considering the committee’s report, CU’s Provost Russell Moore will make his recommendation on the Program Discontinuance Committee’s findings to CU Chancellor Philip DiStefano by Dec. 1. DiStefano then has until Jan. 1 to make a recommendation to CU President Bruce Benson.

Benson then has 30 days before giving his recommendation to the University of Colorado Board of Regents. The board would need to vote to discontinue SJMC or restructure the school, according to the report.

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