Nov 162010
Authors: Christopher Boan

Beginning next spring, CSU will offer a three-credit class dedicated to elaborating on the university’s green culture.

Foundations of Environmental Sustainability, or GES 101, is open to all interested students, regardless of major. It is sponsored by CSU’s School of Global Environmental Sustainability.
According to Eugene Kelly, a professor in the Department of Soil and Crops Sciences who will instruct the class, the course will cover a variety of topics that deal with the concepts and foundations of global environmental sustainability.

The class will also cover the global challenges that occur within the realms of environmental sciences, such as health agriculture, natural resource management and poverty reduction.

Kelly said he wants the class “to raise the environmental and sustainability literacy of our students by offering a class that provides an integrated perspective on the subject.”

CSU has already announced it will add another class, GES 470, which will deal with the more complex issues within environmental sustainability. The class will also be offered next semester.

“Students of (GES 470) will achieve a holistic understanding of environmental issues, practices and problem solving,” Kelly said.

Kelly, who is a trained soil scientist, or pedologist, has conducted vast experiments with both the Colleges of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources. He has conducted a variety of experiments in the fields of environmental sustainability and healthy food production as well.

Interested students can find out more information about the classes via the website

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Take GES 101
Foundations of Environmental Sustainability

  • The class will focus on the concepts and foundations of environmental sustainability
  • Three credits
  • Open to all majors
  • Sponsored by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability
  • Eugene Kelly, a professor in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, will instruct

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