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_Correction: In Wednesday’s Collegian article “Student to sit on Board of Realtors,” there were several inaccuracies. The Board of Realtors is a membership organization that provides education and networking opportunities to its members and is not in charge of zoning and occupancy for Fort Collins. That power lies with the city. Associated Students of CSU’s Community Affairs Director Chase Eckerdt is currently a member of the board, as a current board member paid for his student membership, but will wait until next semester to start work with the group. The Collegian regrets its error. _

A student from the Associated Students of CSU will sit on Fort Collins’ Board of Realtors starting next semester. The board is in charge of zoning and occupancy, issues that have been sources of controversy for students since the passage of the housing ordinance known as 3-Unrelated, or U 2.

The ordinance states that only three unrelated people can live together at a time, regardless of how many bedrooms the house or apartment has. ASCSU has tried to repeal the law since enforcement of it started in 2007.

If students are caught living with more than three unrelated in a house, they are given 30 days to find a new residence.

Chase Eckerdt, ASCSU’s director of Community Affairs, will sit on the committee through the spring but is still deciding who will sit on the board next year.

It is not yet known if the student will have voting privileges with the board, but Eckerdt said this is a huge step for students regardless.

“We can start to build allies now and build powerful allies who will help us push agendas through the board,” Eckerdt said.

Eckerdt also said he won’t start discussions about 3-Unrelated right away but will work on smaller issues like affordable housing and locations for student housing, including the new apartment complex set to be built by Shields Street and Prospect Road.

Neighbors surrounding the area strongly oppose the apartment complex, saying they don’t want students to live in the area. Eckerdt said that is the first issue he will tackle with the board.

Ken Anderson, the president-elect for the Board of Realtors, originally approached Eckerdt about having a student sit on the board, saying students needed to be heard.

“I think it’s really important to have a student on the board because there are 25,000 of them and they make a large percentage of our city,” Anderson said. “They ought to be a part of everything.”

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About the board

  • In charge of zoning and occupancy for Fort Collins, including the controversial housing ordinance 3-Unrelated, or U 2.
  • Has 100’s of members, including real estate agents, within the city that sit on different committees within the board.
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