Yays and Nays

Nov 152010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board
  • Yay | to the upcoming Thanksgiving Break. We can’t wait for a week of movie watching, tons of sleep and the opportunity to overindulgence in tryptophan.
  • Nay | to the increased airport security nationwide. Knife? What knife? Oh that little thing: I’m carving a turkey soon.
  • Yay | to ASAP’s upcoming concert. Get all the “Chicken And Beer” you want when Ludacris rolls into Moby Arena Thursday.
  • Nay | to all the dozens of pages of papers and long hours spent completing group projects before we’re free for a week. We’ll give thanks when we’ve typed our last words.
  • Yay | to the start of the ski season. For no other reason is it okay to compare rack sizes with your friends.
  • Nay | to Steve Fairchild’s leadership of the CSU football team. At this point, we would hope you reconsider your coaching structure, for the benefit of your players.
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