Nov 142010
Authors: Compiled by Alexandra Sieh
  • You know you picked a winner when your girlfriend invites you over to hang out and you end up high, pantless and eating a burrito.
  • You know you had a good night when you wake up to a text saying, “Are you ok? You were drinking salsa last night.”
  • The “anti-body builder” mentality that the Rec Center supports has really had a negative effect on CAM.
  • To the man who used a popcorn bag as a snow scraper: True genius.
  • I’m eating and drinking a venn diagram: Apple Jacks and Jack Daniels, aka: Apple Jack Daniels
  • To the guy drinking a Coors Light while sitting in our BMS class: I’m glad I’m not the only one in here who’s not making it to medical school.
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