Coaching the wrong way

Nov 142010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

If it wasn’t bad enough that the CSU football team is 3-8 on the season and was just blown out 49-10 on senior day to an inferior Brigham Young team, Ram fans got bad news from head coach Steve Fairchild when he said he plans to retain all assistant coaches for the 2011 season.

When asked after Saturday’s game if he plans to make any coaching changes for the next season, Fairchild said the following.

“I think staff continuity is key and I know we’re doing the right thing and coaching the right way and recruiting the right way, so I’ll do everything I can to retain our staff.”


What about the CSU defense this year has been done the right way? Is it the blitzing on every third down of every game, and that blitz often times being a linebacker lined up over a tight end or receiver, leaving him wide open due to not knowing how to run zone coverage?

Maybe it’s the fact CSU’s defense ranks 94th against the run and 67th against the pass, and have allowed 40 or more points on four occasions?

Yep, it sure sounds like coaching is doing the right thing.

Or perhaps the Rams not scoring a touchdown in four games is a great thing and the rushing game ranks 98th in college football and Leonard Mason, who leads the team with 490 yards on the ground, is rarely given adequate playing time.

Yes, what a great coaching job for a team that, despite having more talent than 2009, has taken a huge step backward.

It’s time to take a good, long look in the mirror, CSU coaches. Because if regression is the right way to coach, we want Sonny Lubick back.

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