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Authors: Anna Baldwin

“The floor is burning,” CSU ballet professor Carol Roderick said, this after she and her dancers had spent nearly 10 straight hours rehearsing at the University Center for the Arts.

Monday night Roderick and performers –– students, faculty and guest artists –– began the last week of rehearsals for the Fall Dance Concert, for which dancers take the stage at 8 p.m. tonight at the UCA.

Though her dancers had spent countless hours on the stage it was not their shoes that caught flame. Instead, Roderick was referring to the realistic projection of a fire on the wall of the stage, one of the backdrops for a dance.

“All the pieces were choreographed by people at CSU. None were brought in,” Roderick said. “This makes the concert very unique. It’s rare to see a concert with all original pieces. It’s not possible to see these dances anywhere else.”

“There’s a lot of anticipation and focus because it’s the last performance of the semester,” Roderick said, adding that the process of preparing for the concert began at the beginning of the semester.

The show features 10 dances, six of which students choreographed and were selected from the student dance concert earlier this semester.

Due to the injury of one dancer last week, five of the 10 dances had to be completely restaged and rehearsed with an alternate dancer.

Judy Bejarano, an adjunct faculty and award-winning choreographer, will premiere “Circus Diaries/Clown Dreams” with 13 dancers to close the program.

CSU dance professor Chung-Fu Chang will present two pieces, including part two of his work, “In the Private Rooms,” commissioned by Ballet Nouveau Colorado in 2005. Chang will also dance one movement of his solo work in-progress, “Reflected Seasons.”

In the CSU Ballet Repertory Ensemble, Director Roderick will present her own choreographic version of Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers” from “The Nutcracker.”

“It’s quite a spread (of dances). It’s a good and interesting balance this year,” Roderick said. “All the students have personal things to say in their choreographed work.”

Roderick said there is also a lot of ensemble work, as well as a humorous dance, a movement-oriented piece, a dance exploring society and a piece called “Digital Divide” about humans meeting machines.

Each dance on the program also has a unique design with specific lighting, projection images, music and costumes. It’s truly multimedia, Roderick said.

“It’s a very strong group of dancers with many dancers representing many styles,” Roderick said. “We are proud to present this unique concert.”
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