Nov 102010
Authors: Lianna Salva

While most know him as wolfpack leader Sam Uley in the “Twilight films,” actor and Native American activist Chaske Spencer will be discussing how he overcame his addiction to drugs and alcohol tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Lory Student Center Ballrooms.  

As a part of Native American Awareness Month, Spencer will also be speaking about the Be The Shift organization, which helps reduce poverty and build sustainable Native American communities.  

Spencer, like the rest of the actors who play werewolves in the “Twilight” films, is of Native American descent.  

“We are one of the smallest populations on campus,” said Ty Smith, director of the CSU Native American Cultural Center. “Events like this provide an opportunity to share our culture.”

Spencer is a part of the “Twilight” saga. Apart from acting, educating others about his culture is something he is passionate about.  

“I think it’s helpful, an actor like that bringing a message of such high importance,” Smith said.  

This month will continue to showcase films, speakers, and performances by the local Native American community.  The lecture tonight will focus on overcoming substance abuse in the Native American community and in the college environment.  

The event is sponsored by the Native American Cultural Center.

“It’s definitely been a lot of work,” Event Coordinator Kodi Phelps said. “But his message is worth it especially for college students.”

Admission is free for CSU students and $3 for the non-CSU community.  Tickets can be purchased at the CSU box office or at

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