Ourview: We’re not alone

Nov 102010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

The problems afflicting higher education aren’t just limited to Colorado or America.

Wednesday’s protest-turned-riot in London clearly showed this, as 50,000 mostly peaceful young people took to the streets to protest proposed drastic tuition hikes.

The conservative government in England is proposing a tripling of the cap on tuition rates at the nations’ universities to 9,000 pounds ($14,500) per year. Students responded with a huge march to show their opposition.

While we disagree with some protesters’ decision to attack the conservative party’s headquarters, we on the whole applaud the large protest and were left wondering why similar actions rarely happen here in Colorado or America.

When young Coloradans try to assemble rallies and organize efforts to raise awareness of higher education’s problems, they are met with apathy and ambivalence.

There are several possibilities for this. Perhaps since our tuition has risen more slowly, we’ve never reached a point of such frustration as to be willing to mobilize. Or perhaps, Colorado’s culture of self-reliance and antipathy toward state-operated services sets us apart from our English university student counterparts.

Regardless of the reasons, we must consider recent proposals that seek to help fill the funding gap here in Colorado. Thankfully our system has not reached a point as dire as England’s, and we’re also glad tuition for in-state residents won’t soon reach the $14,500 mark English students may soon be facing.

But the possibility of such a dark day in the future remains if we don’t act now. We’ve been operating in a year-to-year mindset, trying to fend off one funding crisis after another. By taking decisive action today to solve the funding crisis, we can avoid the sorry road England has traveled.

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