Nov 102010
Authors: Ian Hopkins

This is the year of the “First-Person Shooter,” and this week’s game, “Medal of Honor,” takes all of the steam out of the new “Call of Duty: Black Ops” game that was released Tuesday.

Electronic Arts has another smash hit shooter on their hands with the new “Medal of Honor,” which holds the same name as the 1999 PlayStation game “Medal of Honor.”

I loved everything about this game. This is the first time I didn’t find anything I could complain about in a video game in a long, long time.

Visually, this game is about as photorealistic as anything I have ever seen. I especially loved the dusty mountain battles against Taliban soldiers because it was actually tough and hard to see –– not because it was visually poor, but because I actually felt like I was a soldier in the present day Afghanistan War.

The cutscenes looked even better than the in-game visuals –– not an easy feat to accomplish.

EA created a perfect atmosphere for the new “Medal of Honor” because they knew when to use and not use music to enhance the gameplay experience.

There were numerous battles that didn’t have any noise except for gunfire, explosions and soldiers yelling. I was completely engaged the whole time.

“Medal of Honor” has very standard controls for a shooter and they added simple gameplay mechanics that will come naturally to any player. My favorite addition to the standard first-person shooter control scheme is the “running slide.” It makes evading enemy fire fun and intense.

This and a few other small additions to the controls make it completely intuitive; anyone can quickly learn the game.

My favorite aspect of this game is that it tackles a modern day war. No game to this date has attempted to take an artistic opinion on the conflict in the Middle East. EA and “Medal of Honor” should be applauded for their venture into new territory.

Move over “Halo” and “Call of Duty,” this “Medal of Honor” game is easily going to rival your long-time FPS reign.

My only regret is not having time to play it online to see if it is the complete package game, but if the campaign is any indicator, it is going to steal lots of hours of gaming and sales from these other two shooter juggernauts.

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