Nov 102010
Authors: Jordyn Dahl

The Campaign for CSU, an organization founded in 2005 to raise money for the university, recently received a $1 million donation from the Anschutz Family Foundation to go toward CSU’s ultimate $500 million goal.

With this contribution, the campaign reached $362.1 million and is on schedule fto make its June 2012-goal, which is fewer than 20 months away.

The foundation requested the donated money go toward scholarships for low-income Colorado students who demonstrate outstanding leadership, academic achievement and good character.

There will be 20 scholarships –– five given to each class –– with each scholarship amounting to $7,000 per year. The first scholarships will be awarded next year, but the amount of the scholarship will fluctuate depending on increases or decreases in tuition.

The foundation chose CSU because it believed the school had similar values to those on which the foundation is based, according to Brett Anderson, the vice president of University Advancement.

“They felt that it was a good fit with what they were trying to do,” Anderson said. “They thought it’d be a great investment in the future.”

Students can apply for the scholarship if they fill out the Colorado State University Scholarship Application this spring. The application is available on students’ RamWeb accounts.
The Campaign for CSU was founded in July of 2005 when it made a goal to make $500 million in seven years.

While the majority of donations made are between $100 and $250, Anderson said these are just as necessary, as they can add up to large amounts very quickly.

The $1 million donation is one of the largest the organization has received –– the biggest was $30 million.

“It’s a big gift,” Anderson said. “A tremendous gift.”

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