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Nov 092010

Eight days after he was elected to the governorship, John Hickenlooper is headed in the right direction with his formation of a bipartisan transition team.

The likes of former Colorado Republican Gov. Bill Owens, Al Yates, a former CSU president and advocate for higher education, and former U.S. Rep. Bob Schaffer, a Republican who serves on the state Board of Education, will run in Hick’s lineup.

On Monday, Hickenlooper told hundreds at a news conference that the transition serves to transcend the gaping divide that has widened between Democrats and Republicans nationwide, but especially since President Barack Obama stepped into office in 2009.

“We made it clear from the beginning that it really is time to set aside all of the partisan divides and debates from the campaigns and really bring the entire state together to begin the rebuilding and retraining necessary to get our economy back on track,” he said at the conference, as reported by the Denver Post.

This pledge is refreshing.

As evidenced by the Republicans’ back-and-forth support of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the Democrats’ unyielding push for health care reform, it’s time the two parties play together in the sand box.

Evolution of America’s policies cannot come at the hands of a dueling two-party political system. And this means that the quality of life of all politicians’ –– red, blue, purple and green –– constituents cannot improve, by effect.

And while Hickenlooper has shown political maturity in this move, he needs to perpetuate this maturity in the future to ensure that his model will become the poster child for political collaboration.

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