Nov 082010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board
  • Yay | to the Denver Broncos for not losing this weekend. Granted they didn’t have a game, but who’s counting anyway?
  • Nay | to no bowl hopes for CSU football. Take a look at it this way: At least we’re on the same course as Pac-12ers CU-Boulder and Southern California.
  • Yay | to CSU volleyball coach Tom Hilbert for surpassing the most wins by a Rams coach. Maybe some of the other coaches can try to follow suit and soon.
  • Nay | to the weather. Quite frankly, we just want Mother Nature to pick a side. Will it be too hot to wear winter clothes? Will we be teased with the prospects of snow? Just choose.
  • Yay | to our Student Media pals KCSU and their 24-hour DJ-A-Thon. They raised a heck of a lot of keish for the company. Too bad their music still … oh kidding. Your music rocks too.
  • Nay | to organizations preying on honor students, scamming them into paying hundreds of dollars to join “exclusive” societies. On the other hand, shouldn’t honors students, the best and the brightest, know better?
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